The Future of Biomedicine

Digital Manufacturing Autonomy

Welcome to Biomanufacturing 4.0

The ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR; also known as Industry 4.0) is based upon mobile networks, IoT, and AI. It represents a transition from digital automation to autonomous industrial system.

Biopharma 4.0 or Biomanufacturing 4.0 is built on Industry 4.0 with the integration of IT, operational systems, process control and other advanced digital technologies in biomedicine development and manufacturing.

The pharma industry has been lagging behind other industries in terms of digital transformation. This has created several challenges for the industry. By adopting Biopharma 4.0, we can dramatically increase productivity and cost savings.

Cheerland aims to become a leader in the Biomanufacturing 4.0 revolution of the biologics CDMO industry. There are several steps/levels for the ultimate transition to Digital Manufacturing Autonomy (see illustration for details). We are looking to build a pilot Smart BioFactory in a couple of years. If you are interested in joining hands in this biomanufacturing revolution, please drop us a line.

Biomanufacturing 4.0 – Digital Manufacturing Autonomy (source: From Human Augmentation to Lights-Out Production: How Far to Go With Industrial Automation? Gartner, Inc. 2021)